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Selena, IDR 104.900, In Stok

Color: Merah Krem Hitam

Size: 36 - 40

Our sandal collection for traveling and lifestyle. With Hyperlight, it will make your day extraordinary and stylish!! Selena sandals also equipped with hypersoft insoles for extra comfort.


1. Phylon are embossed in the midsole for the comfort of your feet
2. Hyper Soft insole, make comfort and plush insole.
3. Lining : AF rubber tech
4. Upper : AF rubber tech
5. Insole : Phylon
6. Outsole : Durability phylon



Here at Connec, we love everything that revolves around traveling. We create our sandals inspired by our customers who love fun adventures of traveling. It is the traveling zest that makes the comfiness and style of our sandals. Whether it’s a short getaway or a long distance travel, Connec is your travel friend.


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