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Roses, IDR 99.900, In Stok

Color: Hijau Coklat Merah

Size: 36 - 40

Our newest Connec Hijab collection to stylized your daily activity. With Hyperlight and Slimfit technology, it will make your day extraordinary and stylish!! Roses sandals also suitable to be combined with stockings or socks to cover your feet.


1. Hyper Soft insole, to make comfort and plush insole.
2. Lining : Hi-Knitted quality elastic webbing material
3. Upper : HQ Elastic webbing textile
4. Insole : Embossed EVA
5. Outsole : Elastic rubber

Here at Connec, we love everything that revolves around traveling. We create our sandals inspired by our customers who love fun adventures of traveling. It is the traveling zest that makes the comfiness and style of our sandals. Whether it’s a short getaway or a long distance travel, Connec is your travel friend.


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